Payám-i-Bahá’í is a Persian-language Bahá’í magazine,
published since 1979 under the auspices of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of France.


The publication examines societal questions in light of Bahá’í teachings. Through articles on topics related to the betterment of society, the reader encounters concepts and approaches that are conducive to the advancement of a global civilization and the transformation of society.

Every edition of Payám-i-Bahá’í includes extracts from the Bahá’í writings; messages from the Universal House of Justice or the Bahá’í World Centre; articles related to Bahá’í teachings or the history of the Bahá’í Faith; or studies about efforts to build spiritually and materially prosperous communities based on an ethos of selfless service to society.

International collaboration makes the realisation of this monthly publication possible. It is financed by subscription fees and the generous support of its many readers. Every contribution helps to ensure the continual existence of this magazine.

:نشانی هیأت تحریر ّیه برای ارسال مقالات،نامه ها و پیشنهادات
Centre national bahá’í
45, rue Pergolèse
75116 Paris – FRANCE

:نشانی برای ارسال حق اشتراک، نامه های مربوط به اشتراک و تغییر نشانی
Payam-i-Bahai – Centre Baha’i de Lyon
1, Place Saint Paul – 69005 Lyon – FRANCE

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